Truck wrap

You would look at this truck wrap if you were sitting next to it, right? Why not have your car turn heads too?

Vehicle wraps have long proven to be an efficient and productive tool for marketing, especially given how many hours a day the average person spends in their car. The United States is certainly a country that depends on cars for transportation. 90% of Americans say they usually drive, with the average household owning two cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles.  Those 220 million adults average an hour and a half in their cars, per day—a time that they must be paying attention to their surroundings, including other vehicles. That’s a lot of car watching – so why not take advantage?

So what does all that car watching mean for you and your business?

Car Wraps = VALUE!

A vehicle wrap will speak to a lot of potential customers in your area- because let’s face it: Seattleites sure do spend time in traffic. The American Trucking Association reported 91% of people surveyed notice vehicle graphics. During any commute, it’s easy to spot a vehicle wrap driving on the road next to you. The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement showed that a vehicle can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily. That’s quite a lot of eyeballs seeing your business and brand. A company would need to spend roughly $130,000 in advertising dollars to produce the same effects of a single vehicle wrap! 

Let’s do a little math with what we like to call “An Investment In Your Brand.”

As an example, a $3,500 wrap would generate the same value as you would get if you spent $130,000 on traditional advertising. Considering your car wrap is good for around 5 years if you take care of it and can work for you every day, on the conservative end you are looking at almost 55 MILLION impressions over the wrap’s lifetime.  That’s a whopping 15,000 impressions per dollar spent!  This means that the perks of this inexpensive, temporary marketing solution are immense. It’s a low-risk way to promote your business that is guaranteed to reach a lot of different potential customers – all with little initial investment.

It’s time you put your car or vehicle to work.  The numbers don’t lie – there are few marketing choices that have as great a ROI as car wraps. Plus, the more vehicles you have, the more opportunity to generate business.  Fleet Graphics are a Shine On specialty, but whether you have 100 vehicles to wrap or 1 vehicle to wrap, we have you covered!  Contact Shine On Signs for a free proposal on getting your vehicle wrap today.  We service Renton, Kent, Maple Valley, Newcastle, and all of King County and the surrounding area.



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